Type JavaScript
Description turns the table of contents into a floating panel
Scope site- or user-script
Author(s) Pecoes
Updated 3 Jan 2013
Code /code.js
Skins Oasis
Examples World of Warcraft at WoWWiki
Lord of Ultima Wiki

FloatingToc adds a button to the table of contents that will turn it into a floating panel when clicked. You can move the panel anywhere you like. It will stay in a fixed position when you scroll the screen up or down. And when you close the panel the table of contents will slip back into its original place.


See also: Help:JavaScript and CSS Cheatsheet

To install FloatingToc, simply add the appropriate row to your importArticles() call in your global.js.

    type: 'script',
    articles: [



none at this point


If you'd like to translate the titles and captions, post them on the talk page please (or add them directly to the code if you know what you're doing)!

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