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I recently saw the link [[Template:Infobox book char portable|Infobox book char portable]] on Infobox book character and that is backward. Portable infoboxes will get the bare name and non-portable infoboxes will be given a name showing that they do not use the portable infobox standard. In this case, I will do the following:

  1. Move Infobox book character to [[Template:Infobox book character non-portable|Infobox book character non-portable]] without redirect.
  2. Move [[Template:Infobox book char portable|Infobox book char portable]] to Infobox book character.

I will do that for every infobox that is suffixed with portable. Portable infoboxes will be required in this wiki starting now. All non-portable infoboxes will be in Infoboxes not migrated maintenance category to encourage users to write portable infoboxes, which is a best practice across Wikia these days.

Also, there is a Infobox character page, however, it is a list of three other character based infoboxes. So, I will rewrite it to be a general purpose infobox so admin of other wikis who want a general purpose Infobox character can export it from here to the other wikis. Lady Aleena (talk) 20:41, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

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