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  • My occupation is Software QA
  • I am sometimes a pain in the...
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  • Fandyllic

    I admit it. I used to be a Wikia addict. I have over 40,000 edits on WoWWiki and thousands more on other wikis around Wikia.

    ...and yet, without the aid of a 12 step program, I'm finding it easier and easier to stop contributing to Wikia wikis. That's a pretty amazing thing for me, because the only wikis besides Wikia wikis that I contribute to are the occasional anonymous edit on Wikipedia and the generally template only edits I make on

    I do have some clues why I've slowed down though:

    • I couldn't deal with the exclusionist admin attitudes at WoWWiki, so I've stopped most of my contributing there except for when I was trying to help out at WoW Answers. I may return, but WoW has definitely gotten kind of stale and WoWWiki jus…
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