Lady Aleena

  • I live in my head
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is homemaker, nitpicker, admin of the Tommy Westphall Universe
  • I am female

I am Lady Aleena, admin of Templates Wiki and the Tommy Westphall Universe wiki.

I also like making and organizing templates. A long time ago on Wikipedia I organized all of the userboxes until they were all unceremoniously dumped into user space, to my dismay. Currently, I am reorganizing the templates here, trying to fill in gaps, and do general clean up. Do not be shy about asking me about anything related to templates.

The Tommy Westphall Universe (TWU) contains over 500 connected television series. I am looking for editors who would like to help me improve the articles on the TWU.

I used the default classes for the first two paragraphs to show the color differences between them and the infobox color scheme.

My subpages Edit

To do Edit

Character substitution Edit

Find and recategorize all character substitution templates and write more.

Template recategorization Edit

Recategorize all templates in Templates and General wiki templates into more appropriate categories.

Infoboxen Edit

I am migrating infobox templates and categorizing them.

Special pages Edit

Some pages I want links to.

 Lady Aleena uses linux.
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