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How to Use this Template Edit

There are two fields for you to fill out. The first one shows which book of the Bible came before the book the article is about. Fill field accordingly. The second field shows which book of the Bible comes after the book the Bible is about. Please don't add brackets, the template automatically links the content of the fields.

For example, place the following code in source mode at the top of the page. We will use Exodus as an example.

{{User:Christian Sirolli/Template:BibleBookNav|Previous book = Genesis|Next book = Leviticus|Division = Pentateuch}}

This will show up as:

Navpoint Back to Genesis | Books | Forward to Leviticus

Now with Genesis, there is no book before it, so leave that blank, as in the following example.

{{User:Christian Sirolli/Template:BibleBookNav|Next book = Exodus|Division = Pentateuch}}

This will show up as

Navpoint Books | Forward to Exodus

Do similar for Revelation, leave the last field blank since there is no book after Revelation.

{{User:Christian Sirolli/Template:BibleBookNav|Previous book = Jude|Division = New Testament}}

This will show up as

Navpoint Back to Jude | Books

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