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{{#if: {{{tab1|}}}|{{!}}class="tab"{{!}}{{{tab1}}}|}}
{{#if: {{{tab2|}}}|{{!}}class="tab"{{!}}{{{tab2}}}|}}
{{#if: {{{tab3|}}}|{{!}}class="tab"{{!}}{{{tab3}}}|}}
{{#if: {{{tab1|}}}|{{!}}colspan="3" class="container"{{!}}|}}
{{#if: {{{content1|}}}|{{!}}class="content"{{!}}{{{content1}}}|}}
{{#if: {{{content2|}}}|{{!}}class="content"{{!}}{{{content2}}}|}}
{{#if: {{{content3|}}}|{{!}}class="content"{{!}}{{{content3}}}|}}
Used to create a tabber-like switch. See [[Switch.js]].
|tab1 =
|content1 =
|tab2 =
|content2 =
|tab3 =
|content3 =
* The number of tabs that you can use is not limited. However, this template provides only 3 such tabs. You are free to modify it for your needs.
* CSS is pulled from [[MediaWiki:Switch.css]], if it exists. If not, the default CSS is used (which might not be suitable to darker themes).
* '''Don't''' use different parameters. For example, if tab1 is filled, then it's value needs to be in content1, not content2 or content3. Otherwise, the template will likely cause errors.
|tab1 = Naegi
|content1 = [[File:Example.jpg]]
|tab2 = Kirigiri
|content2 = [[File:ExpandFile.png]]

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