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A template project is when a user creates or group of users come together to create a series of templates with a similar topic, theme, or style here on Templates Wiki for a wiki or just the enjoyment of creating templates.

If you are starting a project for a wiki, remember the color scheme on Templates Wiki may not match the color scheme of the wiki.

When you write your templates, do not repurpose an already existing template. If you have rewritten an already existing template, use the name of the project in parentheses. For example, Template:Support is a general voting template; however Template:Support (Plants vs. Zombies Wiki) is a support template from the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. Users can do the same, so if you want to write your own support template, it would be Template:Support (Your user name).

You may also create a category for your project whether it be for a wiki or yourself. For wikis, the name would be Category:Project for wiki name. For users the name would be Category:Project by user name.

Pages that are complete and ready for use can be put into the more general categories.

Note, I have been using pages instead of templates. Templates can now include Lua modules, so modules that go with your templates could be categorized with your templates. You can see Yesno to see how to categorize modules.

If your project includes several interlinked templates that all work together, they may need a help page. Feel free to write the help page with the same rules as other pages, append (Wiki name) or (User name) to the end of the page.

You can create a subpage here to explain your project and get feedback for it if you like.

Place your wiki project page into Category:Projects by wiki and your user project into Category:Projects by user. Also remember to to put your category from above into the same category.

Wiki projects[]

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