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Input: <input></input> i wonder if JS is supported <script>console.log('hello world')</script>

what is this??? … §hi


is style supported???


they have &amp; support!!!! &gt; is > and &lt; is <

I see they support <code> what about `this?` :(

I see they support <span> what about <div>

some div...

above is a div!!! - checked through dev tools inspect element

Can I make a <button>? <button>text</button>

What about a <input>? <input>text</input>

How about a <form>? <form>text</form>

can i make a button with a <div>?

click me! :(

but i can make a fake button!!!

fake button

... After Many "Years" Of searching I have found It!! <maybe...>

it is <inputbox>!

You have not specified the type of input box to create.

oh ... ok then...

how about no type?

You have not specified the type of input box to create.

how about type "hello"?

Input box type "hello" not recognised. Please specify "create", "comment", "search", "search2" or "fulltext".

oh cool it gave us they options :)







&lcub; doesnt work :( 6

if statements: {{#ifexpr: 1|is true|is false}} to: is true

Input: Output:
{{{Age}}} {{{Age}}}
&#123; {
&amp; &
&gt; >
&lt; <
{{SITENAME}} Templates Wiki
{{lc:CASE}} case
{{plural:1|is|are}} is

Does <style> work?

<style> .myclass{ color: blue; } </style>



Syntax: Input: Output:
{{#len:string}} {{#len: hello }} 5

[[scrollss]] scrolls does it show up on the edit history?

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