Policies for Templates Wiki should be decided by the community. It is best to keep policies as simple as possible and not introduce too many rules. A growing wiki can usually do well with a few simple policies and a lot of goodwill and cooperation. Because this wiki is designed to have its templates exported to hundreds or thousands of other FANDOM wikis, all creation and editing of templates should be done with care; policies may need to cover that.

Adding [[Category:Policy]] to any policy pages will add them to the policy category. If they are definitely agreed by community consensus, they can have {{Policy}} added.

See also Templates Wiki:Simplified ruleset

Do not override general utility templates Edit

Do not rewrite basic default utility templates so they do something completely different. Examples of these types of templates are: {{!}}, {{!!}}, or {{=}}

Copying templates from other wikis Edit

Before copying a template from another wiki, including Wikipedia, to Templates Wiki please do the following.

  • Make sure you understand the way the template works. This includes knowing any and all sub-templates and modules that go along with it.
  • Make sure you edit the template and its documentation to remove links specific to the wiki, this includes examples. Leaving wanted pages in a template makes the template appear unfinished.
  • Make sure to properly attribute the template's creators.
    • If the template is from Wikipedia and not deleted, use {{Wikipedia}}.
    • If the template is from Wikipedia and is deleted, use {{Wikipedia-deleted}}.
    • If the template is from another wiki on FANDOM, use {{From Fandom}}.
  • If bringing the template and all of its subpages and their documentation will take several days, please add {{Underconstruction}} to the templates or their documentation.

If the template is part of a suite of templates, or there are more than one or two subpages or other templates used in the template; you can contact an admin of this wiki to import the template to Templates Wiki. You should include why you think the template or templates belong on this wiki. You will be responsible for editing the templates where needed.

Poorly copied and documented templates from other wikis are subject to deletion without notice.

Files Edit

Before you upload files, note the following.

Do not upload

  • Personal images unless it is a small image for your user page.
  • Files you do not intend to use in anywhere on the wiki. (Unused files can be deleted at any time without warning.)

If the image is not for use in an article, please use a template in image namespace tags in the summary.

Redirects Edit

Redirects are useful however do not create redirects from user space to any other space on the wiki. Redirects from user space to any other space will be deleted.

Sandboxes Edit

Sandboxes are not intended to be used for permanent storage of ideas for the parent page. If you want, you can keep a page for notes in your user space.

  • Sandboxes that are not in user space not edited in 30 days will be cleared.
  • Sandboxes that are in user space not edited in 180 days will be cleared.

Remember, if there was something in the sandbox that you would like to add to your notes, and the sandbox was already cleared, you can look in the page's history to recover the information.

FANDOM policies Edit

There are very few policies which apply across all FANDOM. These can be found on Community Central.

Pending policies Edit

These policies have not been fully ratified by the community.

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