This user's local time is 4:34 AM. (Purge to update.)

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This userbox displays the current time in your time zone.


  • If you live in a region that utilizes daylight saving time (DST), the offset needs to be manually changed when DST occurs.
For example, in Southern Ontario, in the Eastern time zone, the offset would be -5. When the Eastern time zone is experiencing daylight saving time, the argument -4 is used in the template instead of -5.

Other language

You can change the display language for this, use the following code:

{{Time userbox|lang=<lang code>}}

Supported languages: Russian, German, Spanish, Italian
Attention: The exact translation is not guaranteed!


Template output Code

This user's local time is 4:34 AM. (Purge to update.)

{{Time userbox|-4}}

This user's local time is 7:34 PM. (Purge to update.)

{{Time userbox|+5}}

В часовом поясе данного пользователя сейчас примерно 4:34 AM. (Purge)

{{Time userbox|lang=ru}}

Il fuso orario degli utenti è ora circa 4:34 AM. (Purge)

{{Time userbox|lang=it}}

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