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How to add a template

To put a template in Category:Templatecategory:

  • If your template is meant to be used in-line, try and make sure that there are as few line feeds (breaks, whitespace, etc.) as possible.
  • A template can be put in multiple categories if it belongs to them all.
  • If you are not using the {{Documentation}} template, add <noinclude>[[Category:Templatecategory|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude> to the template page.
  • If you are using the {{Documentation}} template...
    1. Add <noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude> to the template page.
    2. Add <includeonly>[[Category:Templatecategory]]</includeonly> on the documentation page (see Documentation for more).

If this is not quite the right category, go back to templates and try to find a better suited subcategory.

Export this template, then import, to install it.
Use edit summary: Copied from [[w:c:templates:Template:Templatecategory]] to properly attribute this template's editors.
This template is probably not already on your wiki.
This template is used for a canned description in subcategories of Category:Templates.
To use the template, type a short description of the template category followed by {{templatecategory}}.