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Editors can experiment with this template's sandbox and test case pages.

{{TEMPLATENAME}} returns the name of a template; if used on a /doc, /sandbox, or /testcases page, it returns the name of the associated template. For pages in the Template: namespace, the text Template: will not be included in the output (for example, it outputs TEMPLATENAME here); in other namespaces, the namespace is included (for example, on User:Sandbox it would output User:Sandbox).

By default, {{TEMPLATENAME}} returns the template name for the page it is used on; this can be changed by passing a page name to the template: {{TEMPLATENAME|Template:Sandbox}} results in Sandbox.

{{TEMPLATENAME}} can be made to match an additional subpage name by using the docpage or override parameter (to exclude that subpage name from the template's output), for example, using {{TEMPLATENAME|docpage=Documentation}} on Template:Sandbox/Documentation will result in Sandbox.

Note that the result will not be URL-safe. For a URL-encoded version, see {{TEMPLATENAMEE}}.

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