This template is used for displaying release status of scripts, stylesheets, Lua modules and applications on their documentation pages. It is therefore incorporated in infoboxes for all four types of content. It also automatically categorizes the documentation pages.

Available release statuses are:

  • stable - This means that the script is stable and doesn't have any errors.
  • beta - This means that the script is under development and incomplete.
  • experimental - This means that the script is in alpha stage and not too much code is implemented to this script yet.
  • unstable - This means that the script is unstable and is very likely to cause errors.
  • archive - This means that the script no longer has a use, mainly due to a global change on the platform.
  • unmaintained - This means that the script documentation is available, but pretty much nothing on the code page of this script was implemented, yet.
  • unknown (default) Noted by default on the infobox, it signifies an unknown status, meaning that the script author is unsure if it is stable, on beta etc.


{{status|release status}}

Sample output

{{status}} gives...
{{status|stable}} gives...
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