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This template contains code for a very basic tab-like navigation bar, that can be used on top of a group of pages that consist of a base page and various subpages. The template doesn't have parameters, you are supposed to copy the code to a new template on your wiki and adjust it.

For example, if your major character pages have the subpages for /Gallery and /Trivia, you can do the following steps:

  1. Create a new template named Template:Character tabs
  2. Copy the code of this template into the new template
  3. Change both occourances of Subpage1 to Gallery and both occourances of Subapge2 to Trivia
  4. Change Sub 1 and Sub 2 into more appropriate labels
  5. Change the colors in the code to fit the theme of your wiki
  6. Add the template to the top of both the main character page and the subpages

The navigation links of this template will work on the mobile skin too, but the styling won't work there.