Originally created at w:c:sandbox:Template:Quotebox by authors, but modified from that version.

Provides a centered quotation, in a border with scalable, non-clickable graphic quotation marks, and optional attribution of the source of the quote. Can be used with or without the names of the parameters.

  • {{quotebox|quotetext=text of the quote|personquoted=person quoted|quotesource=source of quote|quotewidth=##px|quoteheight=##px}}<code>
  • <code>{{quotebox|text of quote|person quoted|source of quote|##px|##px}}
  • Only the first parameter is required.
  • There are other currently undocumented parameters.
 |quotetext=text of the quote
 |personquoted=person quoted
 |quotesource=source of quote
text of the quote
— person quoted, source of quote

Text of the quote
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