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Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.
—A random person , The source

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This template is used to create stylized pull quotes. Note: Set the template type to Design, and not Quote.


|style=margin: 10em;


1= quote=
The main quote block.
2= person=
The person who said the quote.

The following parameters are optional.

3= source=
The source of the quote. Can be a reference tag, like Book<ref>Example/ref>
image= 4=
Optional image at the start of the quote. The File: namespace prefix is not needed. Size hardcoded to 50px.
Alignment of the quote box. Defaults to center. Can be left or right
style= css=
Optional styling for the base <blockquote/> element.



Basic usage

{{quote|My beautiful quote}} results in

My beautiful quote

{{quote|My beautiful quote|Speaker}} results in

My beautiful quote

{{quote|My beautiful quote|Speaker|Source}} results in

My beautiful quote
—Speaker , Source

With align

{{quote|My beautiful quote|Speaker|Source|align=right}} results in

My beautiful quote
—Speaker , Source

{{quote|My beautiful quote|Speaker|Source|align=left}} results in

My beautiful quote
—Speaker , Source

Installation Instructions
Export this template, then import to install it.
Use edit summary: Copied from [[w:c:templates:Template:Quote]] to properly attribute this template's editors.
This template is probably already on your wiki.
There is no additional installation instructions for this template. If there is any, you may create it at Template:Quote/install.