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  • This template produces an infobox in the most recent portable style; unlike most such infoboxes, it allows the user to specify both title and information of each row.
  • This template should NOT be used in the article namespace; instead, create your own infobox!


{{Modular infobox
|Box title    = 
|image        = Image:Example.jpg
|caption      = Bob the Flower
|data1        = Foo
|label1       = Bar
|data2        = Lol
|label2       = Baz
|data3        = 
|label3       = 
|data4        = 
|label4       = 
|data5        = 
|label5       = 
|data6        = 
|label6       = 
|data7        = 
|label7       = 
|data8        = 
|label8       = 
|data9        = 
|label9       = 
|data10       =
|label10      = 
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