This template allows to create a linear gradient, with up to 10 color stops.

  • default- allows setting a solid background for old browsers that do not support gradients.
  • dir- the direction of the gradient. Either vertical, horizontal, or a number of degrees.
  • color-first- the first color value.
  • position-first- the first color stop position. A number from 0 to 100.
  • color-last- the last color value.
  • position-last- the last color stop position.
  • color-n- the nth color value.
  • position-n- the nth color stop position.
<span style="{{linear-gradient
|color-first= red
|position-first= 0
|color-2= yellow
|position-2= 50
|color-last= lime
|position-last= 100
}}">Hello world!</span>

Hello world!

The template
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