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Uses Template:kbdchartleg as a sub-template.


Key groupings are numbered from 00 to 11. There are two main parameters:

  • NNlgb - the background color code for the key grouping.
  • NNlgt - the text description of the key grouping (for instance "Combat Controls").

Legal background color codes are:

  • red
  • yel
  • grn
  • cyn
  • blu
  • mag
  • wht
  • gry
  • blk
  • org
  • olv
  • brn

Here's a set of conventions with regard to group colors that works pretty well:

  • red Combat/Actions
  • yel Targeting/Unit selection/Inventory
  • grn Movement/Navigation
  • cyn Communication/Chat
  • blu Camera/Point of view
  • mag Game Controls/Menus

Reference chart

I've also uploaded an Excel sheet here to assist you in filling in the template parameters.

Legend 0
Legend 1
Legend 2
Legend 3
Legend 4
Legend 5
Legend 6
Legend 7
Legend 8
Legend 9
Legend 10
Legend 11
|00lgb= |00lgt= 
|01lgb= |01lgt= 
|02lgb= |02lgt= 
|03lgb= |03lgt= 
|04lgb= |04lgt= 
|05lgb= |05lgt= 
|06lgb= |06lgt= 
|07lgb= |07lgt= 
|08lgb= |08lgt= 
|09lgb= |09lgt= 
|10lgb= |10lgt= 
|11lgb= |11lgt= 
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