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{{Infobox website
|name           =
|image          =
|caption        =
|url            =
|slogan         =
|alexa          =
|commercial     =
|type           =
|language       =
|registration   =
|owner          =
|creator        =
|maintainer     =
|launch date    =
|current status =
|article count  =
|revenue        =


  • name - The website's most recognized name.
  • image - The website logo.
  • caption - Caption for the website image.
  • url - The most used URL of the website, use Alexa to find the most used URL, e.g.
  • slogan - The slogan of the website, e.g. "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit".
  • alexa - The website's current Alexa ranking (find on
  • type - The type of website, search for similar sites for an idea.
  • language - The language(s) the website is available in.
  • registration - Is there registration, none/optional/required?
  • owner - The current owner, company name/persons name/alias etc.
  • creator - The person or entity that originally created the website.
  • maintainer - The person(s) or entity that maintains the website.
  • launch date - When the website was launched, consider using the WHOIS data as a last resort if you are unable to determine the launch date.
  • current status - Is the site online/offline/sold etc.
  • article count - For wikis, include the current article count via the {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} variable, if available.
  • revenue - The approximate revenue of the site.


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{{Infobox website
|name           = Some Website
|image          = Placeholder other.png
|caption        = 
|url            =
|slogan         = We are some webiste!
|alexa          =
|commercial     = No
|type           = Personal
|language       = English
|registration   = None
|owner          = Some Owner
|creator        = Some Creator
|maintainer     = Some Maintainer
|launch date    = 17 December 2017
|current status = Inactive
|article count  =
|revenue        = none


The Alexa link must be added manually if you regenerate the template with the following code. To do so, replace the line {{{alexa|}}} with [{{{url}}} {{{alexa}}}]

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