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<title source="name">
<title source="name"><default>{{PAGENAME}}</default></title>
<image source="image">
<caption source="caption">
<image source="image">
<default>{{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}} image</default>
<caption source="caption1"/>
<data source="aka">
<data source="aka"><label>Also known as</label></data>
<label>'''Also Know As'''</label>
<data source="series"><label>Part of</label></data>
<data source="d.o.b."><label>Date of birth</label></data>
<data source="series">
<data source="age"><label>Age</label></data>
<label>'''Part Of'''</label>
<data source="birthplace"><label>Birthplace</label></data>
<data source="residence"><label>Residence</label></data>
<data source="d.o.b.">
<data source="race"><label>Race</label></data>
<data source="height"><label>Height</label></data>
<data source="weight"><label>Weight</label></data>
<data source="February 24, 2002">
<data source="shoe size"><label>Shoe size</label></data>
<label>'''Date of Birth'''</label>
<data source="hair"><label>Hair color</label></data>
<data source="eyes"><label>Eye color</label></data>
<data source="age">
<data source="body shape"><label>Body shape</label></data>
<data source="tattoos"><label>Tattoos</label></data>
<data source="jewelery"><label>Jewelery</label></data>
<data source="birthplace">
<data source="dress"><label>Dress</label></data>
<data source="appearance-other form"><label>Appearance in other form</label></data>
<data source="emblem"><label>Emblem</label></data>
<data source="residence">
<data source="markings"><label>Markings</label></data>
<data source="accent"><label>Accent</label></data>
<data source="language"><label>Language</label></data>
<data source="race">
<data source="weapons"><label>Weapons</label></data>
<data source="transport"><label>Transport</label></data>
<data source="motto(s)"><label>Motto(s)</label></data>
<data source="height">
<data source="favorite music"><label>Favorite music</label></data>
<data source="likes"><label>Likes</label></data>
<data source="dislikes"><label>Dislikes</label></data>
<data source="weight">
<data source="pastimes"><label>Pastimes</label></data>
<data source="family"><label>Family</label></data>
<data source="powers"><label>Powers</label></data>
<data source="shoe size">
<data source="fighting style"><label>Fighting style</label></data>
<label>'''Shoe Size'''</label>
<data source="food"><label>Favourite food</label></data>
<data source="businesses"><label>Businesses</label></data>
<data source="hair">
<data source="lovers"><label>Lovers</label></data>
<label>'''Hair Color'''</label>
<data source="eyes">
<label>'''Eye Color'''</label>
<data source="body shape">
<label>'''Body Shape'''</label>
<data source="tattoos">
<data source="jewellery">
<data source="dress">
<data source="appearance-other form">
<label>'''Appearance in Other Form'''</label>
<data source="emblem">
<data source="markings">
<data source="accent">
<data source="language">
<data source="weapons">
<data source="transport">
<data source="motto(s)">
<data source="favorite music">
<label>'''Favorite Music'''</label>
<data source="likes">
<data source="dislikes">
<data source="pastimes">
<data source="family">
<data source="powers">
<data source="fighting style">
<label>'''Fighting Style'''</label>
<data source="food">
<label>'''Favourite Food'''</label>
<data source="businesses">
<data source="lovers">
== Usage & preview ==
Type in this:
{{Infobox book character/Draft
|February 24, 2002=
|shoe size=
|body shape=
|appearance-other form=
|favorite music=
|fighting style=
to see this:
{{Infobox book character/Draft
|name=This is a test
|image=This is a test
|imagewidth=This is a test
|caption=This is a test
|aka=This is a test
|series=This is a test
|d.o.b.=This is a test
|February 24, 2002=This is a test
|age=This is a test
|birthplace=This is a test
|residence=This is a test
|race=This is a test
|height=This is a test
|weight=This is a test
|shoe size=This is a test
|hair=This is a test
|eyes=This is a test
|body shape=This is a test
|tattoos=This is a test
|jewellery=This is a test
|dress=This is a test
|appearance-other form=This is a test
|emblem=This is a test
|markings=This is a test
|accent=This is a test
|language=This is a test
|weapons=This is a test
|transport=This is a test
|motto(s)=This is a test
|favorite music=This is a test
|likes=This is a test
|dislikes=This is a test
|pastimes=This is a test
|family=This is a test
|powers=This is a test
|fighting style=This is a test
|food=This is a test
|businesses=This is a test
|lovers=This is a test
[{{fullurl:{{ns:Template}}:{{PAGENAME}}}}?action=purge Click here to refresh the preview above]

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This template is used to create a book character infobox.
Type {{infobox book character|...}} at the top of the article, with parameters as shown below.

Usage Edit

{{Infobox book character
|name           =
|image          =
|caption        =
|aka            =
|series         =
|birth date     =
|age            =
|birthplace     =
|residence      =
|race           =
|height         =
|weight         =
|shoe size      =
|hair           =
|eyes           =
|body shape     =
|tattoos        =
|jewellery      =
|dress          =
|appearance-other form=
|emblem         =
|markings       =
|accent         =
|language       =
|weapons        =
|transport      =
|motto(s)       =
|favorite music =
|likes          =
|dislikes       =
|pastimes       =
|family         =
|powers         =
|fighting style =
|food           =
|businesses     =
|lovers         =

Preview Edit

Click here to refresh the preview

{{Infobox book character
|name           = Some Character
|image          = Placeholder person.png
|caption        = Some Character
|aka            = Anonymous Person
|series         = Some Series
|birth date     = 10 February 1993
|age            = 25
|birthplace     = Internet
|residence      = Wikia
|race           = Wikian
|height         = 5'7"
|weight         = 170 lbs.
|shoe size      = 7
|hair           = Dark blonde
|eyes           = Blue-gray
|body shape     = Some body shape
|tattoos        = Some tattoo
|jewelery       = Some jewelery
|dress          = Some attire
|appearance-other form = Some other appearance
|emblem         = Some emblem
|markings       = Some marking
|accent         = Some accent
|language       = Some language
|weapons        = Some weapon
|transport      = Some vehicle
|motto(s)       = Some motto
|favorite music = Some Music
|likes          = Some like
|dislikes       = Some dislike
|pastimes       = Some pastime
|family         = Some-Family
|powers         = some powers
|fighting style = some style
|food           = some food
|businesses     = Some Business
|lovers         = Some Lover
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