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This template allows customizing the color of the <hr> tag. Its basic form uses a simple.

The template is written as {{Horizontal Rule|background}}. The background is the color name. It can be one of the following colors:
  • red

  • orange

  • yellow

  • green

  • blue

  • purple

  • pink

Custom gradient colors
You can pick a different gradient color in the following way: {{Horizontal Rule|custom|<background>}}.
Make sure to use the RGB value for your color in the form of r,g,b . If you want to use a HEX color but don't know the equivalent RGB value, you can use this convertor. For example:
{{Horizontal Rule|custom|255,0,0}}
Results a red gradient, that looks like this:

Other colors
You can use non-gradient colors as well using {{Horizontal Rule|other|<background>}}
On this case, the background can be a any color value (color name, HEX value, RGB value, HSLA value, etc.). For instance:
{{Horizontal Rule|other|cyan}}

This template is based on Simple Styles for <hr>'s, as published on

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