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This template is used to make a simple way to change background and text color.
{{Fontcolor|Color of text|Text}} is how to change text color.
{{Fontcolor|blue|Text in blue!}} gives... Text in blue!
Changing background color
{{Fontcolor|Background color|text}} (Note: there are 2 pipes (|) after {{Fontcolor}})
{{Fontcolor|red|Remember to put 2 | after {{Fontcolor}}}} gives...
Remember to put 2 | after {{Fontcolor}}
Background and text color
{{Fontcolor|Color of text|Color of background}}
{{Fontcolor|blue|yellow|WOW, the text is blue and the background is yellow!}} gives..
WOW, the text is blue and the background is yellow!
These are the 16 main colors, there are all the colors in this page.
Color Hexadecimal Code Color Hexadecimal Code
black #000000 silver #c0c0c0
gray #808080 white #ffffff
maroon #800000 red #ff0000
purple #800080 fuchsia #ff00ff
green #008000 lime #00ff00
olive #808000 yellow #ffff00
navy #000080 blue #0000ff
teal #008080 aqua #00ffff

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