[[{{{name}}}]] {{{threads}}} threads {{{posts}}} posts


Last post by [[User:{{{user}}}|{{{user}}}]] {{{timestamp}}}

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It fakely produces the interface of the board found in Special:Forum. The number of posts and threads, the timestamp and username can be customized, usually for fun.



|name = 
|threads = 
|posts = 
|desc = 
|user = 
|timestamp = 
  • name: Board name.*
  • threads: Number of threads (can be fake).*
  • posts: Number of posts (can be fake).*
  • desc: Board description.*
  • user: Last user who posted (can be fake).*
  • timestamp: Timestamp of the last user who posted (can be fake).*

* = essential parameters.

Sample output

{{FakeBoard |name = Template:FakeBoard{{!}}FakeBoard |threads = 128,204,705,214 |posts = 65,432,123,465,445,987 |desc = this is not a board, okay? |user = JustLeafy |timestamp = when he was in his mother's womb }} gives

FakeBoard 128,204,705,214 threads 65,432,123,465,445,987 posts

this is not a board, okay?

Last post by JustLeafy when he was in his mother's womb

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