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Template Documentation:
Note: The template above might be broken without the parameters; this is normal.
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This is a version of Template:Documentation customized for Templates Wiki and so not designed to be copied to other wikis.

It acts identically to the usual Template:Documentation - and should be treated identically - except for a few particular cases.

  • content = should the template have just a short blurb for documentation and not need a new page for it.
  • installonly = for documentation templates
  • If the template should transclude a documentation page other than its /doc subpage, use {{Documentation|documentation page}}.
    You may also use {{Documentation|content=documentation goes here}} to include documentation without a subpage at all.
  • If the template should be interlanguage linked but at a different name, use {{Documentation|ja=Japanese name|tr=Turkish name|zh=Chinese name}}.
    You might instead create a redirect on the foreign-language wiki from the name used on this wiki to theirs (and then update the relevant template in #Maintenance).
    Interlanguage links to existing Japanese, Turkish, and Chinese pages are automatically inserted if their names are equivalent, in which case no parameter is needed.
  • SPW
    • SPW=is newer than - The template exists on Fandom starter pages but has been upgraded.
    • SPW=is not relevant - The template (such as this one) are not relevant to wikis other than Templates Wiki.
    • The other possible relations to SPW - "is not on" and "is on" [and unchanged] are automatically inserted, in which cases no parameter is needed.
  • dep1=dep2=dep3=dep4= to name up to four dependency templates (include Template: prefix, no need to name /doc pages).


Installation Instructions
This template is not on Fandom starter pages because it is probably not relevant to wikis other than Templates Wiki. You probably don't want to copy this template to your wiki. For a similar template intended to be copied, see Template:Documentation (copy).