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* {{t|Ambox}}
* {{t|Mbox}} (just invokes [[Module:Mbox|<tt>Module:Mbox</tt>]])
* [[:File:International tidyman.svg]]
* [[:File:International tidyman.svg]]

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This template is used to mark pages for deletion, categorizing them in Category:Candidates for deletion.
Type {{delete|reason|date (DD/MM/YYYY)|category=optional category}} on the page to be deleted.
Sample output
{{delete|it is not relevant to the wiki|25/09/2020}} gives...
International tidyman
This page is a candidate for deletion for the following reason: it is not relevant to the wiki. (since 25/09/2020)
If you disagree with this page's deletion, please explain why at Candidates for deletion or the page's talk page, or improve this page and remove the {{delete}} tag.
Nominators: remember to check for subpages and to mark the related ones for deletion including the documentation.
Admins: remember to check what links here and the page history before deleting.
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