This template is used to put emergency stop on a bot's user page.
Type {{Bot Stop}} somewhere.
Sample output
{{Bot Stop}} gives...
Emergency stop

{{Bot Stop|bot=Wikia bot|color=green|text=STOP!|image=Nuvola_apps_important.svg}} gives...
Nuvola apps importantSTOP!

{{Bot Stop|text=|image=Nuvola_apps_important.svg|size=100}} gives...
Nuvola apps important

{{Bot Stop|image=Wiki-wordmark.png|width=125|height=33}} gives...
Wiki-wordmarkEmergency stop

bot name=: the name of the bot the link is for (If the link isn't put on bot's userpage)
color=: the color of the text
style=: the local CSS style (overrides color)
text=: the link text
image=: the file name of the image (i.e. without the File:)
size=: the size in px
width=: the width in px
height=: the height in px
(Note about resizing: most webbrowers will keep proportions the same and make the image no bigger then what specify)
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