Description and usage

This template is used to create article management templates.

Use {{ambox by color|...}} on an article, filling in the various options. The created template is then used at the top of various articles to notify the user of issues.

Article management boxes should be used sparingly, as it can get in the way of content.

Styles dependencies

This template requires styles (CSS) to be added to the wiki's common or wikia and monobook CSS pages. An admin can either copy the styles directly to a CSS page, or copy it to MediaWiki:Ambox by color.css (on the wiki where the template is used) and add the following line to the top site's style sheets:

@import url("/load.php?mode=articles&only=styles&articles=MediaWiki:Ambox_by_color.css");

Named parameters

  • image - image for use on the left. Takes full image code, e.g. [[File:Wiki.png|50px]]. The image box area has a limit of 60px width.
  • type - top line text
  • info - list of extra info
  • border - border colour (defaults to green)
    • red - red (serious issue)
    • orange - ambox-orange (important issue)
    • yellow - ambox-yellow (mild issue)
    • green - ambox-green (something good)
    • purple - ambox-purple
    • blue - ambox-blue
    • gray - ambox-gray
  • style - extra style parameters (unlikely to be used)
  • cat - the category to add



{{ambox by color
| type = I am type
| info = I am info

Red + image

{{ambox by color
| image = [[File:Example.jpg|50px]]
| border = red
| type = I am type
| info =
* I am info

Other colors







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