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Alternating rows table section allows for the dynamic creation of tables that use alternating styles for odd and even numbered rows, typically in conjunction with a template which generates a table where some rows may not be present every time.

The template produces only a portion of the table: this allows for the end user to customize the leading and trailing sections of the table, include secondary rows between sections, or other control elements. This table creates a new row at the start, and the user must start a new row if they want to include additional information after the table section.

There are two named arguments to this template:

Defines the CSS style for odd-numbered rows.
Defines the CSS style for even-numbered rows.

Beyond these, the template accepts up to 30 unnamed parameters, the contents which are appropriate wikimarkup to create a table row as described below. A parameter may be left empty, and will not add to the current row count; in other words, the template tracks how may rows have been defined by the unnamed arguments to determine to apply the odd or even styling.

The unnamed arguments must start with a template-compatible table cell symbol, either "!" for a header, or the use of {{!}} to create the standard cell indicator "|". An argument can contain multiple cells, either separated on lines (using {{!}} to separate cells) or on a single line (using {{!!}} to replace "||" delimiters); cell-specific style arguments can also be applied.

Unpredictable results may happen using other wikitable features such as row spanning, creating a new row within an argument (using {{!}}-), or the like.


 {| class="wikitable" ! Place !! Result {{Alternating rows table section|es=background:#f0f0f0; | {{!}} First {{!!}} 100 | {{!}} Second {{!!}} 95 | <!-- empty! --> | {{!}} Third {{!!}} 87 | <!-- empty! --> | {{!}} Fourth {{!!}} 65 | {{!}} Fifth {{!!}} 58 }} |} 
First 100
Second 95
Third 87
Fourth 65
Fifth 58
 {| class="infobox vevent" style="float:left;" ! colspan="2" style="background:#4040F0;" | AFC North {{Alternating rows table section|es=background:#f0f0f0; | {{!}} Ravens  {{!!}} Baltimore | {{!}} Bengals {{!!}} Cincinnati | {{!}} Browns {{!!}} Cleveland | <!-- Empty! --> | {{!}} Steelers {{!!}} Pittsburgh }} |- ! colspan="2" style="background:#4040F0;" | AFC East {{Alternating rows table section|es=background:#f0f0f0; | {{!}} Bills {{!!}} Buffalo | {{!}} Dolphins {{!!}} Miami | <!-- empty! --> | {{!}} Patroits {{!!}} New England | {{!}} Jets {{!!}} New York }} |} 
Ravens Baltimore
Bengals Cincinnati
Browns Cleveland
Steelers Pittsburgh
Bills Buffalo
Dolphins Miami
Patroits New England
Jets New York

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