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The {{=redface}} template will display :redface: emoticon. Other templates shown below.

These are standard emoticons for phpBB, a free open source bulletin board software. If your site uses dark background, you may want to use "dark style" images instead, available HERE (see demo).

Syntax Output Alt Text
{{=smile}} :smile: :smile:
{{=arrow}} :arrow: :arrow:
{{=biggrin}} :biggrin: :biggrin:
{{=confused}} :confused: :confused:
{{=cool}} :cool: :cool:
{{=cry}} :cry: :cry:
{{=eek}} :eek: :eek:
{{=evil}} :evil: :evil:
{{=exclaim}} :exclaim: :exclaim:
{{=geek}} :geek: :geek:
{{=idea}} :idea: :idea:
{{=lol}} :lol: :lol:
Syntax Output Alt Text
{{=mad}} :mad: :mad:
{{=mrgreen}} :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
{{=neutral}} :neutral: :neutral:
{{=question}} :question: :question:
{{=razz}} :razz: :razz:
{{=redface}} :redface: :redface:
{{=rolleyes}} :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
{{=sad}} :sad: :sad:
{{=surprised}} :surprised: :surprised:
{{=twisted}} :twisted: :twisted:
{{=ugeek}} :ugeek: :ugeek:
{{=wink}} :wink: :wink:

These are extra emoticons for phpBB, by Paul Cammish (camm15h).

Syntax Output Alt Text
{{=angel}} :angel: :angel:
{{=clap}} :clap: :clap:
{{=crazy}} :crazy: :crazy:
{{=eh}} :eh: :eh:
{{=lolno}} :lolno: :lolno:
{{=problem}} :problem: :problem:
{{=shh}} :shh: :shh:
{{=shifty}} :shifty: :shifty:
Syntax Output Alt Text
{{=sick}} :sick: :sick:
{{=silent}} :silent: :silent:
{{=think}} :think: :think:
{{=thumbdown}} :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
{{=thumbup}} :thumbup: :thumbup:
{{=wave}} :wave: :wave:
{{=wtf}} :wtf: :wtf:
{{=yawn}} :yawn: :yawn:

These are more emoticons (EUSA) for phpBB, by Adrian Richardson.

Syntax Output Alt Text
{{=eusa angel}} :eusa_angel: :eusa_angel:
{{=eusa boohoo}} :eusa_boohoo: :eusa_boohoo:
{{=eusa clap}} :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap:
{{=eusa dance}} :eusa_dance: :eusa_dance:
{{=eusa doh}} :eusa_doh: :eusa_doh:
{{=eusa drool}} :eusa_drool: :eusa_drool:
{{=eusa eh}} :eusa_eh: :eusa_eh:
{{=eusa hand}} :eusa_hand: :eusa_hand:
{{=eusa liar}} :eusa_liar: :eusa_liar:
{{=eusa naughty}} :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty:
Syntax Output Alt Text
{{=eusa pray}} :eusa_pray: :eusa_pray:
{{=eusa shhh}} :eusa_shhh: :eusa_shhh:
{{=eusa shifty}} :eusa_shifty: :eusa_shifty:
{{=eusa sick}} :eusa_sick: :eusa_sick:
{{=eusa silenced}} :eusa_silenced: :eusa_silenced:
{{=eusa snooty}} :eusa_snooty: :eusa_snooty:
{{=eusa think}} :eusa_think: :eusa_think:
{{=eusa wall}} :eusa_wall: :eusa_wall:
{{=eusa whistle}} :eusa_whistle: :eusa_whistle:

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