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Please use this forum to create requests for templates.

Request requirements:

  • The template must be compatible with the MediaWiki wiki engine version on Wikia. See Special:Version for the version of this wiki.
  • The template should work with the default extensions on the Starter Wikia wiki.
  • A template of the same name should not already exist on Templates wiki.

Information to include in your post to ensure creation of the template:

  • Please give a link to a working version of the template somewhere else.
  • Please mention if you know the template uses CSS, Javascript, or any other templates.
  • Please mention any images the template might use.
  • Please mention any changes that might be needed to make the template more general if it is topic or wiki specific.

-- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 2:33 PM PST 26 Aug 2010

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