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The source of 'starter' or default templates for new wikis is now inaccessible and unknown, so this information is mostly historical...

Fandom Starter Pages (formerly known as Starter Pages Wiki and abbreviated SPW) was the wiki containing all the templates and other pages to be copied to new wikis on their creation. Unfortunately, as of the release of UCP, the source of default template (assuming it is still a wiki) was made private and not publicly accessible by Fandom. The unused, old Fandom Starter Pages is located at starter.fandom.com. The set of templates distributed from Starter Pages changed over time, but only to affect wikis founded subsequently to each change.

Templates on Templates Wiki may have been identical to those on Fandom Starter Pages, or they may be upgraded from them. They may have the same name as a Starter template, or not. They can always be copied or imported to another wiki.

From starter pages[]

The templates in Category:From starter pages were incorporated in every new FANDOM site and can be copied to older ones: they were likely to already exist on your wiki.

Newer than on starter pages[]

The templates in Category:Newer than on starter pages may have bug fixes or improvements when compared to the older version, but they share a name with a different template that is on Starter Pages. They may be copied over that template.

Not on starter pages[]

The templates in neither of the above categories are not on Starter Pages Wiki. They may be copied or imported to other sites, but they are not included on any by default.

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