Importation is the desired manner of acquiring Templates Wiki templates, but one can also copy templates from Wikia Templates to one's wiki.

General stepsEdit

  • You will need the following templates on your wiki: Template:T and Template:Documentation and their individual /doc subpages. You probably already have these two templates.
  • For each template you want from here, just copy the template page itself (from its edit box) and copy it to a page of the same name on your wiki. It should work immediately, even without its /doc page. Then do the same for its /doc page.
    • One easy way, if copying only one template (and possible though a bit tricky for more than one), is to copy the template here (from its edit box) and then change the URL in the address bar, changing "templates.wikia" to whatever your wiki has in that part of its URL. Then hit "Enter" to go to that page on your wiki and just "Paste".
    • If you use a tab capable browser, you could also click "Edit this page" once, copy the contents, then right-click the "Edit this page" and open the link in a new tab before changing the "templates" to your wiki name. This way you can keep the source template open for reference.
    • Adding {{Templates Wiki}} to the /doc subpage at its new location will respect the site license, if your wiki does not use the CC-by-SA 3.0 license common to most Wikia wikis.

Suggested templates Edit

There are a few templates it is highly recommended to copy or update from here:

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