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Usage of templates as mainspace?00:05, October 8, 2018Eggdit
Russian wiki06:48, February 4, 2018Henstepl
Templates in other languages11:27, January 30, 2018Lady Aleena
Message boxes05:50, December 30, 2017Lady Aleena
Permission to edit user pages?10:43, December 29, 2017Henstepl
Templates Wiki now has Instant Commons!11:18, December 26, 2017Lady Aleena
See Also06:08, December 22, 2017Lady Aleena
The name of the wiki22:51, December 21, 2017Lady Aleena
This Watercooler forum21:27, December 5, 2017Henstepl
Template:SPW07:30, November 15, 2017Henstepl
Dual template documentation18:15, August 24, 2017Henstepl
Navbox templates17:40, May 24, 2017Lyrose
Favicon for templates wiki?21:41, April 10, 2016Iynque
Wikipedia Templates17:08, January 30, 2016H4ck3rm1k3
Templatespace is now broken for all IP users16:28, January 30, 2016Fandyllic
Wikipedia's non-LUA templates06:12, October 1, 201465.94.171.225
Lua04:11, August 7, 2014Roguebfl
Portability03:50, July 27, 2013Dinoguy1000-fduser
Template metadata template05:02, September 4, 2010Dinoguy1000-fduser
Starter Wikia - adding templates to it or changing them02:11, September 3, 2010Dinoguy1000-fduser
Empty forums21:11, August 31, 2010Fandyllic
Marking templates that are on the Starter wiki01:44, January 24, 2010Robin Patterson
Welcome to the watercooler14:27, November 6, 2008Default
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