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So I'm trying to make a couple templates that are supposed to streamline other contributors adding data (some infobox templates and some templates that are each rows to go in a table).

I've got them working just fine, save for a capitalization problem.

Say I set "|a = Foo" on the content page. I have an image made by "[[File:{{{a}}}_icon.png]]" and a name next to it, "[[{{{a}}}]]" as it should.

But I want to be able to set it up so that users could write "|a = foo" and it reinterpret "foo" to be "Foo" so as to not have broken links and non-caps titles. {{ucfirst:}} works, but say I need to put in Foo Bar, then {{ucfirst:}} would only net Foo bar, leaving it in almost sentence case.

I've tried importing and using {{Fixcaps}} {{Title case}} and {{#invoke:String2|title}} and while they work fine on regular text and on [[links]] (for the most part), still none of them agree with parameters. They all try to just capitalize {{{a}}} to {{{A}}} before reading {{{a}}} for its contents.

Are there any existing templates, or if not, is there any good place to start trying to make a template that'll fill this purpose? TerranTheMoose (talk) 21:51, July 24, 2018 (UTC)

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