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Some time ago, I started w:c:policies, a wiki where you could browse policies and copy them to your wiki... theoretically... I never actually got around to writing them.

But it gave me an idea: portability. Users copy their templates from this wiki to their own wiki, and that's fine. An example would be w:c:whoselineisitanyway:Template:Color and w:c:whoselineisitanyway:Template:Color/doc. That's perfectly fine. But this has the end result of creating bunches of redlinks and broken stuff, because links exist to pages that simply don't exist on the wikis copied to: an example would be "web colors" at the top of those pages I linked.

Of course the end user is free to fix/remove the redlinks but I think it would be wise for this wiki to make steps to avoid this sort of thing. I thought up a number of convoluted manners of doing so on my decrepit Policies wiki: w:c:policies:Policies Wiki:Portability. But we don't have to go to extreme measures... one step that would be sensible, however, would be to change wikilinks (as in the case of links to Web colors) to the [[w:c:templates: format. That way, the link works on all wikis, and no pesky redlinks!

Does this sound logical to you? Thisismyrofl (talk) 00:22, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Definitely. We already take measures to reduce templates' dependencies on CSS, Javascript, files, and other templates in order to increase their portability; I wasn't aware there was a problem with links on templates or their documentation pages, though, otherwise I'd've been working to fix that. Given that, feel free to go about and change any such links you come across to link through [[w:c:templates:. =) ディノ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 03:50, July 27, 2013 (UTC)
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