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The Starter Pages Wiki has over 60 templates, most of them also here (maybe not exactly the same). As our front page says, the best of what's here (currently over 120) will be added to Starter. (I wonder whether any responsible person is in charge of that process.)

As part of the selection process, and to reduce risk of divergence, I suggest that each of our "/doc" pages carry a little template indicating whether or not the template is on Starter. It could add those that are to a category here, which can very easily be visually checked against the Starter /doc pages category to see whether any have been missed or wrongly noted.

The proposed template could be added routinely to every /doc page here (with new ones getting it from the new preload), requiring an editor to find out whether the template exists on Starter. With appropriate coding, the process could be made easy to do at preview stage, with a link to the matching Starter page that can be checked in another window to find whether it's a live link.

If a template here is on Starter with an only slightly different form or name, we should urgently discuss it here, with a view to making the name here match the Starter name (which will have gone into several or thousands of wikis) and maybe improving the Starter template content if our content is actually better.

Robin Patterson (Talk) 10:53, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

The {{delete}} template is different between the two.
So basically, this is just a way to mark pages that are on the starter wikia. New pages just made here will probably not be on the starter wikia, so I see no need to say "double check to make sure that this new page is not on the starter wikia". Who would marking which pages exist on the starter wikia help? --Yoshord 00:30, January 13, 2010 (UTC)
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