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I have NO clue how to make a template work. I know how to go to the page, and use the Template: (name)

But when I get there, I have no clue what to do.

Any help?



Hi John,
First of all, to start a template, you need to click the Create a page button in your wiki (can be accessed through the dropdown on the top right corner of the page).
Then, write Template: and then the template name. For instance, Template:Stub.
To add a template to a page, add:
Now, the main feature of templates is including parameters. Parameters allow to modify certain parts of the template when using it in other pages. The syntaxt of a parameter is:
When using this parameter on a page (suppose this template is called Template:Hello), it's done by:
And instead of {{{parameter}}}, the word text, or anything instead of it, would appear.
The example above is done by the order of the parameters, and this is because we used numbers as the parameter names. Parameters can also be included by their name like this
|1= text
Here's an example template. Let's say that it's called Template:Hello, and the template contains:
Hello {{{1}}}, my name is {{{2}}}!
When adding to a page:
{{Hello|example user|John}}
It would give:
Hello example user, my name is John!
Because numbers, especially in bigger templates, it's also possible to use words as parameters. For example:
Hello {{{receiver}}}, my name is {{{from}}}!
Will be written like this:
|receiver= eample user
|from= John
So, this is the basic way to create templates, and using them on pages. For more advnaced templates, you can add colors, boxes, backgrounds, and some really nice decorations. If you need help with creating templates, you can leave another message in this forum / start a new discussion / ask in the Community Central Forum.
Penguin-Pal (talk) 07:54, April 6, 2013 (UTC)
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