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Hi, I have some experience working with templates in the past, but I've only recently returned to the wikia platform. A lot seems to have changed with regards to code, and there's a lot I don't recognize. I've managed to borrow a little code from elsewhere, and feel like I have a marginal understanding of how it functions, but I can't seem to find where it's drawing its color palette from. I can only assume that it's using the wiki's theme, which is problematic for me. Does anyone know how I'd go about changing that and adding custom colors for the background of the title box, and the infobox in general?


Flamefang (talk) 22:58, February 8, 2017 (UTC)

<infobox theme="Battle300">
    <title source="name"></title>
        <data source="conflict"><label>Conflict</label></data>
        <data source="begin"><label>Begin</label></data>
        <data source="end"><label>End</label></data>	
        <data source="place"><label>Place</label></data>	
        <data source="result"><label>Outcome</label></data>
        <data source="battles"><label>Battles</label></data>		
    <group layout="horizontal" show="incomplete">
        <data source="side1"></data>	
        <data source="side2"></data>
    <group layout="horizontal" show="incomplete">
        <data source="commanders1"></data>	
        <data source="commanders2"></data>
    <group layout="horizontal" show="incomplete">
        <data source="forces1"></data>	
        <data source="forces2"></data>
    <group layout="horizontal" show="incomplete">
        <data source="casual1"></data>	
        <data source="casual2"></data>
    <group layout="horizontal" show="incomplete">
        <header>Civilian casualties</header>
        <data source="civilian"></data>
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