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SirJay0787 SirJay0787 18 December 2020

pokemon templates cause i'm bored and want to make em all

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StillNotOriginal StillNotOriginal 12 May 2018

Low Quality Blag

I told you this was low quality.

Also attempting to break this blog

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Lady Aleena Lady Aleena 8 December 2017

Infobox project update: Character infoboxes

Hello everyone!

All of the character infobox templates have been migrated to portable infoboxen. The only non-migrated character infobox left is . I will leave it up to the admin of Templates Wiki to decide whether or not to keep that one; Infobox book character is the portable version.

The next group of infoboxen I will be going after is the ones dealing with locations.

Please see the character infobox templates and make adjustments as needed. Lady Aleena (talk) 22:24, December 8, 2017 (UTC)

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Lady Aleena Lady Aleena 4 December 2017

Infobox project

Hello there!

I recently saw the link to Infobox book character.

I will do that for every infobox that is suffixed with portable. Portable infoboxes will be required in this wiki starting now. All non-portable infoboxes will be in Infoboxes not migrated maintenance category to encourage users to write portable infoboxes, which is a best practice across Wikia these days.

Also, there is a Infobox character page, however, it is a list of three other character based infoboxes. So, I will rewrite it to be a general purpose infobox so admin of other wikis who want a general purpose Infobox character can export it from here to the other wikis. Lady Aleena (talk) 20:41, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

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Jayden1092 Jayden1092 20 September 2015

Help for Templates

How do I create templates for my wikia? 

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AStranger195 AStranger195 21 August 2015

Announcing Wikia Templates Tagalog!

I, AStranger195 announce...


Fellow Filipinos can help out. I've already requested an interlangauge link for it.

Non-Filipinos can help too, by adding <includeonly>[[tl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]</includeonly> to the documentation subpages!

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CoolM.E CoolM.E 28 August 2013


This Wiki is awesome it's very helpful and I like it very much

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XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX 8 December 2012

Having problems with Heading Gradient

Hiii I tried too put the code for headingGradient and i tired too change e color but this is all i got and i dont think its right.

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Clubchloe1 Clubchloe1 6 December 2012

How to make a collapsible template

On a wiki that was made in about 2008-2009, I'm having trouble getting collapsible show/hide buttons to show, here's the code:


  • The templates that have the name "roundy" at the first part are rounded corner templates
  • Some of those templates are color templates (for the hex codes)
  • Most of this templates code is copied from another wiki's template that has the buttons showing fine.

Can someone please help me?

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OrangeBirdMaster2 OrangeBirdMaster2 5 December 2012

How do you make a template???

I just want to know

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Commander Bsyew Commander Bsyew 28 July 2012


Hello everyone!,

You may know me from Club Penguin Wiki But i am Commander Bsyew! I will Start Helping out in this wiki! But I would humbly like to ask for Burecrat Rights. I am Currently working on a project and would like to try it out here! I dont have to be Permanent But Temporary (i still would like to be permanent). I am Excited working here and sharing the Templates. Thank You!,

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ThElder ThElder 8 July 2012

Looking for this particular type of template

I'd really like to use a template such as the one in the picture on my wiki. I have no clue as how to make it, and I couldn't find it because I don't know how to name it.


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Przemek9514 Przemek9514 21 May 2012

how to do countdown

Example #1:

Time countdown||uk}}
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Rwtia64 Rwtia64 16 May 2012

Default templates displayed

Hi, I'm running one Wikia and currently contributing to a couple of others, and I was just wondering if it was possible to change the default ones displayed at the bottom right, under the Templates tab, while editing a certain page. Thanks :)

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ExtremeSSJ4 ExtremeSSJ4 12 May 2011

Fanon and Data Wiki Character Box

Hello, I need some help with my wiki known as Fanon and Data Wiki. I want to create a character info box but It isnt working. Can anybody help me?

I tried it like this but it didnt work:

| name = [defaults to pagename] | image = File: [optional] | imagewidth = [optional, defaults to 250px] | caption = [optional] | Real Name = | Current Alias= [optional] | Aliases = [optional] | Occupation = | Identity = [optional] | Alignment = [optional] | Home = [optional] | Affiliation = [optional] | Family = [optional] | Year Born = | Birth Place = | Creator = | Universe = }}

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Fandyllic Fandyllic 4 October 2010

Possibly the end of the line for me

I admit it. I used to be a Wikia addict. I have over 40,000 edits on WoWWiki and thousands more on other wikis around Wikia.

...and yet, without the aid of a 12 step program, I'm finding it easier and easier to stop contributing to Wikia wikis. That's a pretty amazing thing for me, because the only wikis besides Wikia wikis that I contribute to are the occasional anonymous edit on Wikipedia and the generally template only edits I make on Ballotpedia.org.

I do have some clues why I've slowed down though:

  • I couldn't deal with the exclusionist admin attitudes at WoWWiki, so I've stopped most of my contributing there except for when I was trying to help out at WoW Answers. I may return, but WoW has definitely gotten kind of stale and WoWWiki just…
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Funkey100 Funkey100 9 June 2010


You know that templates just copy whats on the page. I mean if I put , this will happen:

So you don't need Template: before your template, you just need it to explain! But it needs to be a category.

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BulldozerD11 BulldozerD11 1 April 2010


It would be helpful to explain some of the principles used in some of these templates, so new users / new template programmers can understand better how they work / are constructed.

Perhaps having some of the building blocks used in more complex templates as little modules, as i note a few have sub templates or the min code actually in a Core module.

I would like to add a date parameter to the template but have little idea how to do it. I see various maintenance templates such as wikipedia:template:fact catagories pages it is used on into dated categories as well as a main category to help with administration, by grouping them in month related blocks of pages.

Such principles are probably of use to many users on wikia for a variety of templa…

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 1 January 2010


How about a standard Wikia version of Wikipedia:Template:Taxobox and its documentation and main related templates for use in Wikia's natural history communities?

I've just copied to the Birds wiki (Wikiafying only a little so far), with an adapted form of w:c:birds:Template:Taxobox/doc where it was easy to do so. Anyone feel like improving them and putting the results here? Next step is the subsidiary set of templates such as Template:Taxobox/species. Any experts out there?

— Robin Patterson (Talk) 04:11, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

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